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Why hire a Professional

Why Thank You, I'm glad you asked!


Real Estate in Mexico is different than in the USA and Canada. Even when the basic principles of the Real Estate industry are the same, forms are different because of different legal systems, cultural and historical reasons.

Being a Foreigner Buying Real Estate in Mexico in a fun and secure way, always demand the expertise of a Real Estate Agent who understands how you are used to buying real estate in your country. Be sure to choose a professional who has experience in Mexico Real Estate, "don't be afraid to ask for proof". Who are you and what do you do?  Just because they make a mean guacamole doesn't qualify someone to sell you a home.  It is important to have someone working with a team of professionals who are bi lingual and bi cultural -- who can assure you that your purchase and investment is smooth, safe and secure.
Don't be afraid to ask for his/her training in Real Estate for Mexico, # of years in practice, and very important.... are they a member of AMPI/NAR and is ruled by its code of ethics?  Do they abide by a code of ethics? 
FIRST STEP: Choose one that is an AMPI, CIPS or other qualified Member, like myself.
When buying property in Mexico -- it is important that you hire a professional who is not only experienced and licensed, but one who belongs to AMPI, and is a member of a reputable real estate brokerage firm with years of experience in Mexico. A qualified, competent real estate agent will help you navigate the myriad of decisions that arise when buying a home in Mexico.
Your experienced Century 21 Caribbean Paradise agent provides value to buyers in many ways:
We show you all the properties available within your criteria, and not just our own listings.  We work with other reputable brokers as well.  We've got connections!
We take you through the purchasing process using methods that mirror the practices used in the USA as applicable to transactions. Not all transactions are conducted in the same way however, a "Notario" is always the official who transfers the title.
We educate you on the options you have in taking title on the properly based on your intended use and enjoyment.. now and for the future.

When selling property in Mexico -- Due to the worldwide economic downturn, selling real estate -- anywhere -- is far more difficult than it was just a few years ago.


Your Century 21 Caribbean Paradise agent  is a well educated, dedicated, hard working real estate professional who will do her utmost as your sellers representative to help you sell your Mexico real estate -- and get the best price,in the shortest amount of time for it based on current local Market Conditions!


We know how to maximize the value of a sellers' Mexico property, and the vast reach of the Century 21 network of brokerages assures our sellers that every possible Realtor and buyer is exposed to their listing.


Your experienced Century 21 Caribbean Paradise agent provides value to sellers in many ways:

We list your property on the most available MLS and Property Marketing systems available.

We provide you with a comprehensive Comparable Market Analysis.

We pay for all marketing and advertising costs.

We provide experience and expertise in all aspects of the sales process including marketing, financing, negotiations and more.

We expertly handle all showings.

We pledge confidentiality and loyalty to your interests as your exclusive representatives for marketing the property for sale.

We can handle and advise on all price and contract negotiations.

We give you an unbiased, realistic view of your home and your options -- we have no emotional attachment to property. 

We have the knowledge to help you ask the right questions. 

We are a third party: potential buyers are more likely to tell us the truth about your home, even if it is unflattering. This objective viewpoint will help you make the necessary changes to get your home sold.

We know that your time is valuable and do everything in our power to make selling your property in Mexico as time-efficient as possible. 


Take our advice, that is what you hired us for. With all due respect the #1 advice any REALTOR in the world will give you is quoted below.  


Want to help Sell Your House? .. Then Get Lost!
What is the best thing you can do during showings of your house?    Make yourself scarce.

Ever shopped in a store where the employees clearly work on commission and almost seem to lurk in the background, watching your every move, while you shop?

This scenario doesn't really put you in the buying mood, does it Seller?
It can be uncomfortable exploring a home when you also feel like you’re being watched. Making buyers feel comfortable when looking for a home is absolutely essential. Buyers tend to have little interest in asking you questions about your property because the answers you provide will certainly be biased in some way. This is why you have hired a real estate agent to represent you and your home. Who better than a qualified professional to be the spokesperson for your home.

Want a little more advise from the experts. (That is what we are here for!)


We want the buyers to picture themselves in the home. Imagining themselves cooking, entertaining guests and appreciating all the wonderful Cancun lifestyle has to offer.  We are selling the home, not the owners.  Take down the photos and store them.   Pack up infrequently used items.  Let the house know you are moving on.

You carefully selected and hired a Realtor® to sell your house – now is the time to step back and let me work my magic!

I encourage you to contact me, Mary Goodrich  your super fun yet well educated Realtor directly to discuss the advantages of making Century 21 Caribbean Paradise your one stop shop for real estate in Mexico.